Double Fine Productions’ remastered version of Grim Fandango has been released. Yay! Now we have no excuse not to play one of the most critically acclaimed point-and-click adventures of all time. The game has landed on PC (via Steam and, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Pick your platform and then get out there and do whatever it is that Manny Calavera does in the game. I say this because (brace yourselves) I’ve TOTALLY NEVER PLAYED GRIM FANDANGO.

Golly, but that’s a gaming oversight right there, isn’t it? The good news is that I plan to rectumfy that post-haste, and will spend the evening sipping cheap red wine and popping my Grim Fandango cherry so to speak.

You can check out the game’s launch trailer below and then swing past the comments section to leave your venomous messages for me and my failure to play this game the first time it came out.

Via: Twitter

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