Discovery’s Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage – the Mythbusters – will be tackling a number of video game-related challenges in their newest episode this weekend. For those of you who have somehow managed to not see an episode of the popular TV show, the two hosts aim to put an end to longstanding myths relating to popular culture, news stories, and everyday life by conducting various scientific experiments and tests. In this episode, they will focus on the dubious elements present in a number of first-person shooter games such as whether one could actually carry tens of weapons, health packs, and other items simultaneously or if it would even be possible to fire a BFG. The show will make use of the Doom franchise – in particular Doom 3 BFG Edition – as a point of reference and to top it all off id Software’s Tim Willits will be helping to debunk the gaming myths.

Willits will be helping the Mythbusters team to recreate an entire Doom level in real life, and hopefully they manage to capture the game’s terrifying and dark style in doing so. The short teaser they have released seems promising and comes complete with authentic sound effects from the game, which has me wondering just what other “myths” they will be taking on in the episode.

Source: Bethesda

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