NAG Magazine: February 2015 issue


Stasis is exactly like Space Quest, except you can carry severed hands in your inventory. Wait, did we say exactly? What we meant to say is that it’s not at all like Space Quest. Apart from the fact that it’s a point-and-click adventure game set in space, obviously. Only it’s more like a point-and-click survival horror game. There are no lovable space buffoons here: just a grim journey through the ominous innards of an enormous, mostly deserted spaceship. And the aforementioned severed hands of course.

It’s also in development right here in South Africa, which is awesome. We embarked on a mission to gather all the Stasis info we could carry so we could stuff it into the magazine’s pages and bring it to your attention – and we’re so immensely impressed by what we’ve seen of the game thus far that we’ve put it on our February issue’s cover.

If you love space almost as much as you love point-and-click adventuring, you’re going to want to see this.


In addition to all that scrumptious Stasis knowledge, our February issue sees us set out in pursuit of the finest free-to-play (or almost free-to-play) games in existence, with the goal being to thin out the herd and let you know which of them are worthy of your time (and maybe even some of your cash, if you’re so inclined). Along the way we’ve found some F2P gems that’ll provide many hours of toll-free enjoyment. It’s the perfect feature for anyone who’s gaming on a tight budget.

“…we’re so immensely impressed by what we’ve seen of the game thus far that we’ve put it on our February issue’s cover.”

There’s but a single preview this month, shining a spotlight on the alternate history shenanigans and semi-werewolves of The Order: 1886. We’ve had some hands-on time with the game, and it sure is a looker. Our reviews section comes bearing critical evaluations of everything from SingStar Ultimate Party to Rugby 15. We finally deliver our verdict on Assassin’s Creed Unity after its very rocky start, while Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions adds another layer of complexity to our obsession with neon-flavoured twin-stick shooting. The Crew‘s virtual reconstruction of the United States has us enthralled, and there’s nothing like a spot of Farming Simulator to calm the nerves after a day of frantic urban racing.


In February’s hardware section we discover if the Corsair K70 RGB keyboard (the successor to one of our favourite mechanical keyboards) lives up to its legacy. The Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition notebook proves that you don’t need to nuke the bank to enjoy gaming on the go. We pick apart the differences between NVIDIA’s GTX 850M and GTX 860M to discover if it’s worth handing over the extra cash for what might seem like a meaningless upgrade in price.

Flip through the pages of this month’s NAG and you’ll find all these things, plus some tasty extras. As always, Zinio’s got you covered if you’d prefer to do the digital dance. Have a look below to discover the contents PDF and all the gloomy sexiness of that space-y Stasis cover.

And remember kids: if you must do a space walk without your spacesuit on, remember to keep your eyes open at all times. We’re told that’s the best way to do things, especially if you like living on the edge.


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