Giblets: AMD only launching new products in March 2015

During an investor earnings call headed up by AMD’s new CEO, Lisa Su, she hinted that there would only be product launches for the company during their next financial year, which begins in April 2015. “Going into the second quarter and the second half of the year with our new product launches, I think we feel very good about where we are positioned there,” said Su.

This means that any new products for AMD’s APU family or Radeon graphics line will only be popping up before and possibly during Computex 2015, so if you were holding your wallet tight in the hope that new GPUs from AMD pop out next month, you can relax. AMD is expected to debut their new Carrizo family of APUs as well as the Radeon R-300 series, expected to be improved variants of the GCN 1.3 architecture that the “Tonga” Radeon R9 285 is based on. AMD is also expected to launch their ARM Cortex A-57 server chips, codenamed “Seattle” to market during the same period.

Source: KitGuru