BioWare’s current RPG behemoth is festooned with incredible pieces of music. As Skyrim taught many RPG dorks, tavern music sung by NPC bards can be kind of awesome; a realisation that was compounded once Judith de los Santos (aka Malukah) released her cover of one the tavern songs from Bethesda’s epic.

Inquisition has some amazing tavern songs as well, and according to BioWare, they’ve been inundated by fans requesting a way to get hold of these songs. You can do that now, as BioWare has put the full 10 tracks online as a free download for a limited time. These are the songs that the tavern bard in Skyhold sings, which includes that catchy one about Sera that I might be totally smitten with because I might be totally smitten with Sera.

More good news, especially for you talented musical bunch: BioWare has included the sheet music for each track. They’re doing this in the hopes of getting some awesome fan covers that people can then enter into a competition to win incredible stuff like consoles and signed copies of the game.

You can head off over here to download the tracks and sheet music, but do it before 09 February as BioWare will start charging for them from then onwards.

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