Mortal Kombat X! It’s all the rage with bloodthirsty fighter fans right now. As the April release date slowly but surely trickles its way closer to us, developers NetherRealm are allowing us to glimpse more and more of that fighter roster.

Another long-time fan-favourite fighter (Alliterationality! That should be a thing in this MK.) makes his scaly return in order to hock and spew acidic bile all over his foes. Reptile – he’s a nasty guy and it looks like a number of his signature, sputum-fuelled moves remain.

I’m kind of loving his redesign; he’s become progressively grosser with each iteration of the franchise. You can check him out in action below as he pommels that hat-chucking douche bag Kung-Lao to acidic, chunky pieces. Reptile gets +10 Awesome Points for melting Lao’s face at the end.

Oh, and in case you missed it: Kitana has also been revealed as a returning character.

Source: IGN

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