2K announces Evolve companion app: a match-3, F2P tie-in


Publisher 2K is certainly pulling out the stops for this new IP. They’ve just announced Evolve: Hunters Quest – a free-to-play, match-3 companion app that will allow you to speed up your character progression in the main game. So instead of playing the main game (which we can vouch is a ton of fun) to level up your character, you can play a match-3 game and wait for your app profile to sync with your Evolve profile on your PC or console.

Evolve: Hunters Quest looks like it plays similarly to Puzzle Quest, with an overworld game featuring enemy encounters, which play out on a match-3 grid. Clearing the grid will allow you to unleash attacks on your opponent. When you win a battle you earn a currency called Mastery Points, which can then be converted into Mastery Boosts in the main Evolve game.

Of course there’s a limit to the amount of game progression you can earn towards any one Mastery in the main Evolve game. You can only ever advance a main-game Mastery by a maximum of 50% – the remaining has to be earned by playing the actual game.

And yes! In case you were wondering, Evolve: Hunters Quest will feature microtransactions so you can pay to advance in the app in order to advance in the main game as well.

While this all sounds typical of AAA games these days, the companion app does at least have one neat feature: it will allow you to watch replays of your last 10 games from a top-down perspective. So that’s at least kind of cool, right?

Check out the trailer below. The companion app is hitting iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8 devices.

Source: Eurogamer