WIN: one of five Jupiter Ascending hampers


Have you seen the movie Cloud Atlas? How about V for Vendetta? Perhaps you’ve heard of the The Matrix trilogy? If you answered “hell yes!” to any of the above, then you’re no doubt impossibly excited for Jupiter Ascending, the upcoming film born of the minds of Lana and Andy Wachowski, creators of the excellent aforementioned movies.

If you’d like to win a heap of Jupiter Ascending goodies, make the jump.

Up for grabs are five hampers, each one containing a temporary tattoo sheet, a T-shirt, a poster, a die-cut journal, a set of light pens and a women’s sports hoodie, all themed around the upcoming science-fiction blockbuster.

If you’d like the chance to win one of these hampers, leave us a comment below. Cast your gaze downwards and you’ll notice we’ve embedded a trailer for the movie, which should tell you everything (well, almost everything) you need to know about Jupiter Ascending. We’ve also got some images of the various prizes for you. The film opens in cinemas locally on the 6th of February, so now’s the perfect time to supercharge your anticipation levels.