BioStar rejoins the international GPU market with a new Geforce GTX 750Ti

Biostar Geforce GTX 750Ti (2)

In the days of old when knights were bold, BioStar was one of the cheapest vendors for Nvidia Geforce graphics cards, always trying to sling it out with the budget brands like Inno3D or Palit. Sadly, BioStar exited the international market in 2012, focusing on their home markets of South Korea, Taiwan and China to rebuild themselves into a better brand. Now they’ve returned to the international market and kick things off with a mid-range launch with two variants of Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 750Ti graphics card. Hit the jump for more details.

The lineup starts out with the Geforce GTX 750Ti Gaming, with its imposing twin-fan cooler, extra-long black PCB and a neat outpout configuration consisting of two dual-link DVI ports and one mini-HDMI. If you’re paying attention, that does indeed mean that you can do triple-display Surround setups with this card, but it’s unable to join the G-Sync bandwagon, having no on-board Displayport 1.2 connector.

Clock speeds for the card are set at 1059MHz stock, 1137MHz Boost, with the 2GB of GDDR5 set at 5.4GHz on the 128-bit memory bus, yielding around 86GB/s of memory bandwidth. Biostar’s product page also lists the card coming with a 6-pin PEG power connector in the box, so there’s definitely going to be some overclocking headroom left on the table.

The heatsink shroud seems to be made out of plastic, but if you look closely you can see that the card features a backplate, something rarely seen on budget brands. For around the $130 (approx. R1500) MSRP quoted by Nvidia for their reference versions of the GTX 750Ti, this card should settle in just under $150 (approx. R1700). Biostar has not made any mention of launch dates or retail prices.

Source: TechpowerUp