SEGA says “so long, and thanks for all the hedgehogs” to consoles


It’s been a long time coming and we’re not too surprised: SEGA is effectively leaving the console market and has issued 300 of its employees with “voluntary retirement packages”, mainly targeting their Japanese and American divisions, in a bid to increase the company’s profitability.

Officially, this doesn’t mean that SEGA is dead, but rather that they mainly want to shift their focus towards mobile and PC gaming, with a particular emphasis on online modes. They still have a number of strong titles to their name, but the future of these and their other 3rd-party franchises are up in the air; despite claims to the contrary, big-time lay-offs are often omens of closure further down the line.

SEGA was, at one time, a major heavyweight in the console business and for a while it seemed as if they could have very well taken away Nintendo’s crown at the time. How times have changed.

Source: Eurogamer