Some crazy Just Cause 3 screenshots have surfaced online


Just Cause 3 is coming despite the relatively low radio chatter from the devs and publisher Square Enix. They’re pointing to a June 2015 release for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ve had some glimpses of what’s happening at Avalanche’s swanky New York offices thanks to a month of coverage by Game Informer at the end of last year, but there are still no trailers and very few screenshots to go on.

So then, it’s rather exciting to see these new screenshots popping up online. They came via a German digital PlayStation magazine, and there’s really nobody else who has shared them. This is obviously raising the question as to their legitimacy, but they sure do look the part. Gamespot has labelled them “leaked screenshots”, and website All Games Beta (notorious for leaking screenshots) didn’t hesitate to share them either. So then, these are likely the real deal – we’ll probably know as soon as somebody at Square wakes up and realises there is PR to cash-in on. Anyway, hit the jump to check them out for yourself; they’re certainly looking like your typically doctored bullshots, but nonetheless very pretty.