Super Flower launches the world’s first 2000W monster PSU


How much power is too much power? Do we draw the line between “sensible” and “overkill” right around the point where you can do arc welding or charging your car’s battery without blowing things up? Because if that’s the case, Super Flower’s single-rail, 2000W Leadex Platinum PSU is all of that and more. Not only is it big on power, its also big on price, setting potential owners back €369.90, or approximately R4800. What does that get you, exactly?

The Leadex 2000W Platinum is pretty much all about overkill. Designed to run four-way GPU arrays that will also be overclocked, the unit can offer enough power and low enough efficiency to meet a rating of up to 94% at 50% load and just over 90% at 100% load. Along with being fully modular, it has the stamp of approval from hardcore overclocker Ian “8Pack” Parry, one of the hardware designers and testers for as well as a competitive overclocker worldwide.

Parry holds a number of world records to his name (six still remain to be overthrown) and was the first person to break the 9000 mark in the Unigine Heaven DX11 benchmark. Together with Roman “der8auer” Hartung the team placed fifth overall in the ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 Final and Parry currently places third overall in the 3DMark Firestrike Extreme Hall of Fame.


The Leadex 2000W Platinum comes with a 140mm double-ball-bearing fan for quieter operation at lower loads (under 500W this PSU will be completely silent) and comes with all-Japanese capacitors rated at 105° C. Along with the great build quality it also has a long five-year full warranty, although it’ll hopefully never be necessary to make use of it with a unit as expensive as this one. If you want to arc-weld with it, you probably can.

Currently the Super Flower Leadex 2000W Platinum is only available in Europe exclusively from, but hopefully this model ends up shipping to other parts of the planet before long. Hopefully for those among our readers that are running four-way GPUs, you can try persuading Wootware to bring in one of these monsters for you.

Source: TechpowerUp