Persona 5 trailer shows small gameplay snippet, characters

Atlus have made available the latest trailer for Persona 5, the latest in the series that merges JRPG elements with real-world settings and oh Gods that sounds so dull. Look, the Persona series is incredible, in part for their excellent characters and amalgamation of various systems that have you managing relationships while developing Persona’s – the game’s titular entities – to aid you in your quests. Yet in spite of its popularity both at home and abroad, there’s been nothing in the series since the release of Persona 4 in 2009.

Like Persona 4 before it, Persona 5 will be available exclusively on the PlayStation ecosystem, and might be considered the last hurrah of the PlayStation 3. The trailer also seems to be channelling quite bit from Catherine, so colour me excited.

Hit the jump for the trailer.