Rise of the Tomb Raider set in Siberia, Lara hunting for immortality


A smattering of fresh details on upcoming Xbox exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider has found its way online thanks to magazine Game Informer’s March cover reveal. Throughout the next few weeks you can expect more and more on the game as Game Informer trickles bits and pieces of information.

For now, however, we have a few new screenshots to take away as well as a very broad premise for Lara’s second, rebooted outing. We already knew that the fledgling adventurer would be battling with accepting her new identity as a survivor and thrill seeker; this we learnt via the game’s pre-rendered reveal trailer last year. Now, however, we know that the next chapter is set in Siberia and that Lara will be on the hunt for the secret of immortality. This will lead her into conflict with a secret organisation that has apparently “been lying in the shadows since the last game”.


According to game director Noah Hughes, the team has taken a ton of fan feedback on the previous game, and used that to improve on some of the better aspects that the previous adventure may have only touched on. For example: Lara will have to craft equipment to help her survive the more hostile, frozen environments.  Furthermore, certain weapon upgrades will require you to hunt specific animals. Some of the rarer upgrades will require you to hunt rarer animals that might only be visible during specific times of the day, in particular areas and in particular weather.  So then, we guess that means day-night cycles and dynamic weather for Rise of the Tomb Raider?

The Game Informer website has a nice interview with the team, in which they go into the numerous improvements rottr_gi_2made for this second outing. It’s about an eight-minute long video which you can check out over here.

Another thing to note is that the team has reiterated that the game is not Xbox-bound forever. Furthermore, Crystal Dynamics is solely responsible for the Xbox One version; the Xbox 360 version is being developed by Nixxes Software, who are no strangers to porting Tomb Raider games.

You can check out a sneak-peek at what to expect from Game Informer in the trailer below.

Source: Game Informer