The Sims 4 gets its first expansion pack called “Get To Work”


Electronic Arts’ money printing Sims franchise is in its fourth iteration. The base game, The Sims 4, is about to get its first full-on expansion pack; this will likely be the first of about 800.

Coming out in April this year, The Sims 4 Get to Work will fill in a gap that’s existed in the franchise since it started fifteen years ago. That gap: being unable to control your sims when they’re actually at work. Ordinarily, your sims hop in the car or walk off the edge of the property and disappear for a number of hours while they’re at work. Later Sims titles introduced decision moments that would occasionally appear as pop-up text boxes while your sim was working. The decisions were directly related to their jobs; picking the right option would result in promotions or bonuses, but choosing incorrectly would result in demotions or other such negative buffs. That was the extent of players’ interactions with sims while they were at work.

Get To Work aims to fix that gap by providing three new careers with complete working environments that your sims will head off to for work. You’ll be able to control them while they go about their day-to-day, workplace routine.

Get To Work will bring three new careers and playable workplace environments for a doctor career, a detective, and a scientist. Sadly, pre-existing jobs are not getting workplace areas, so this new gameplay mechanic will only apply to these three new career paths.

You will, however, be able to open a store as a fourth career path. This will allow your sim to start selling things like artwork, pastries, and other items that they can already craft. Your shop will be a playable area and customisable like your sims house already is. That’s quite a neat addition.

You can check out the reveal trailer below:

While there’s  no local pricing yet, EA has announced that the expansion will be $40, so expect to pay around R450-R500 in South Africa. That’s pretty hefty for an expansion pack.

Source: The Sims