Rumor: Next Call of Duty could be called “Border Lines”

Call of Duty Border Lines teaser (1)

While everyone is busy looking into how much they want to buy Battlefield: Hardline and possibly upgrade their rig while they’re at it, some rumors have already begun to spring up about the next Call of Duty title. Advanced Warfare has done well for itself so far and people generally don’t seem to be complaining about the latest entry into the series that changes the formula completely. With Activision set to introduce another entry into the annual series in or around May 2015 (usually the month in which a new CoD is detailed), rumors have popped up about a possible name for the next game, giving it the title “Border Lines.” LoLWut?

The images you see in this article come from a Facebook page belonging to one Mike Zeroh (who also has a Youtube channel here which is…meh). he doesn’t say where the pictures came from or when they were taken. This would be about the right time for leaks to begin for a new Call of Duty title and people have been speculating about Treyarch’s new title taking place in the future in keeping with the universe of Advanced Warfare.

Call of Duty Border Lines teaser (2)

“Border Lines” could mean any number of things. I don’t think Activision is willing to explore the Vietnam war just yet, so its probably not about being an American soldier unable to shoot at the enemy because they are across the border in neighbouring China. The red line brings to mind other shooters like the older Medal of Honour series which also used red lines to divide up the title.

As I’m typing this I’m also reminded of “The Thin Red Line“, a 1998 Terrence Malick film about the trials of a group of C Company American soldiers participating in the Battle of Mount Austen. If this is another World War II-era game, I’m certainly going to pee my pants in delight.

Also linked on the Facebook page was this video, which doesn’t show off much at all. I don’t own an Xbox One myself so I have no idea if the tile for the currently inserted game can be manipulated to show almost any image. At this stage all of this is just a rumor, so keep that salt next to you.

Thoughts, anyone? Are you ready for yet another Call of Duty game this year?

Source: NeoGAF, Facebook