Evil Geniuses win Dota 2 Asia Championships, $1.2 million


Evil Geniuses (EG) have won resoundingly at the Grand Finals of the Dota 2 Asia Championships (DAC2015) in an East vs West clash. Called by some the International of the East, North American based EG defeated Vici Gaming (VG) to secure themselves the cool $1.2 million grand prize and completely shook up any expectations Dota 2 enthusiasts may have had leading into the Dota 2 International.

Hit the jump for the highlights and finals summary for all three matches, in order of play.

After being knocked out of the upper bracket finals of the winner’s playoff against VG, EG bounced right back into the grand finals by defeating fan favourite dream team Team Secret (who themselves were also knocked into the losers bracket by VG). In a complete turnaround from their first engagement with VG, they completely snowballed them with a 3-0 victory over the course of one and a half hours. Unlike the lacklustre finale of the International, neither side were willing to concede ground and only GG’ed when the enemy was literally knocking at their gate.

With the power of hindsight, EG leveraged their experience from the previous knockout with VG to ban the heroes that had been used against them to great effect in the upper bracket finals. VG seemingly had no comeback, and EG largely controlled the finals. VG was unable to prevent them from obtaining the farm necessary to obtain key items or lock down their core heroes – for example, an early Blink Dagger on EG’s Universe’s Bat Rider in Game 2. Similarly, their cautious play style – in part I think due to jitters from the first match – resulted in them failing to capitalise on occasional leads, such as their complete domination of EG’s Storm Spirit in the third and final game.

Ultimately, history repeated itself with VG again taking second place in a major tournament, EG slugging the seemingly unstoppable juggernaut that is Chinese Dota 2.