Evolve is evolving at launch; getting a 3GB day 1 patch

Evolve gameplay

So while Evolve evolves into something better, the AAA gaming machine remains unchanged and brings us another big name release that requires a day one patch. To  be fair though, Turtle Rock is implementing a bunch of tweaks and changes thanks to the data they collected during the recent Evolve beta.

On a side note: check out the pretty awesome Evolve beta infographic over here.

The day one patch will be hitting all platforms, but will differ in size between each of them. Generally speaking you’re looking at about a 3GB download before you can hop into any online multiplayer matches.

So then, what’s being adjusted? For a start the load times and time taken for matchmaking has been improved. There’s also some balance tweaks to the Hunters and Monsters that will hopefully make for a more, umm, balanced experience. Turtle Rock has also altered that Elite skins that certain versions of the game are getting; these alterations are due to fan feedback. A number of beta bugs have been reported, and this 3GB patch will hopefully squish most of those.

Finally, the update will bring with it network connectivity so that you can link your main game to that Evolve mobile app that we’re sure you’re all dying to play.

Evolve lands tomorrow, 10 February 2015. Happy hunting.

Source: Turtle Rock