Giblets: Youtube adding in multi-camera videos for the first time

Youtube multi-camera preview

A while back, I reported on how Youtube was finally defaulting its service to using HTML5 instead of the archaic Flash Player in order to do more new things with content and services. The first of these new ideas is multi-camera videos and already one is up to test out the service in practice. If you head on over to Madilyn Bailey’s performance on Youtube Music night, you’ll see that four different camera angles are available to watch the performance from (and they aren’t static either).

The performance is a bit of a disappointment though – because you’re effectively buffering four streams at the same time to enable semi-seamless switching, it will chow up data much faster than watching a regular Youtube video. If you let the individual camera angles buffer completely, switching is seamless. To be able to see the thing properly, make sure you’re running Google Chrome and Chromium, Internet Explorer 11, OS X Safari 8 or the latest version of Opera. HTML5 support is also available in Firefox, but you have to expressly set some flags to turn it on, or use one of the beta versions to have the feature working as Mozilla intended.