Atari reviving Asteroids as open-world survival sandbox for Early Access


Atari — not content to simply reboot 1982’s Haunted House for… someone, I’m not even sure who the audience is — are necrobooting 1979’s Asteroids as Asteroids: Outpost, a multiplayer open-world survival sandbox to be launched in Early Access, an unholy conglomeration of gaming trends and triple-A gung-ho that brings full circle the last of the Necronomicon‘s Rites and ushers in the End of All Things as foretold in the prophecies.

A “rocks to riches” experience (Their words, not mine, I want to be absolutely clear here.), Asteroids: Outpost will put players on a desolate asteroid to explore, mine, and develop, building abodes and equipment as they expand their mining claim while contesting with other players and dealing with environmental hazards. According to Chief Executive Officer Fred Chesnais, Asteroids: Outpost will, quote, “Appeal to both fans of the classic Asteroids as well as enthusiasts of immersive survival games and expansive MMOs.”


The source material. Asteroids has the best story. Where's it's BAFTA nomination, I ask?
The source material. Asteroids has the best story. Where’s its BAFTA nomination, I ask? (Source)

To take the edge of my cynicism, this doesn’t sound like a terrible idea in theory, but the prolific nature of these games and Atari’s decision to utilise Early Access has me wary. You can sign up to get more info when it becomes available at the official website.

Source: Gamasutra

Website: Asteroids: Outpost