Giblets: AMD gets funding from major Chinese CPU manufacturer

In an interesting turn of events, the earlier rumors on the internet that AMD would be bought out by Chinese investment firms have proven to be false, replaced by something even more fantastic – one of the largest silicon designers and manufacturers based in China has invested money into AMD. Loongson Technology, the creation of BLX IC Design Corp, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Institute of Computing Technology, will be immediately beginning investments into the ailing CPU designer in a deal largely kept secret from the press.

The investment capital comes from Loongson’s war chest and the partnership will likely result in Loongson branding some of their Godson processors, based on the MIPS architecture, as having some of AMD’s technology inside them (which is true, stemming from a previous working relationship the two companies had). It may be the case that this deal will end up with AMD receiving significant amounts of funding and possibly some brand new customers for the Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture that powers their graphics cards. Loongson does not have an APU design of its own and would benefit greatly from being able to mate their MIPS architecture to something more modern.

Source: VR World