Godus might just need a deus ex machina to save it now


Early Access remains a controversial topic, and with good reason. Buying based on promised features instead of a completed product is kind of dodgy to begin with, and there’s no shortage of unfinished, shipwrecked projects floating around to prove the naysayers right. And now, Peter Molyneux’s god-sim Godus has joined the ranks of the undelivered.

Speaking on behalf of Molyneux’s company 22Cans, a developer by the name of Konrad Naszynski has said this: “To be brutally candid and realistic I simply can’t see us delivering all the features promised on the kickstarter page. A lot of the multiplayer stuff is looking seriously shaky right now especially the persistent stuff like hubworld.”

There seems to be a bit of a dichotomy with regards to the mobile and PC versions of Godus, with the former being the chief focus and the most profitable. Molyneux himself is reported to have moved on to new projects.

Those familiar with Molyneux know well that he likes to ride on his past successes (of which, to be fair, he has many) and is notorious for promising things he can’t deliver. Will Godus end up going the way of Spacebase DF-9? It seems likely, but time will tell. Until then, we remain cautiously skeptical.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun


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