Nvidia announces “Made to Game” demo, likely Nvidia-based gaming ecosystem


Invitations are going out to press for an Nvidia product demonstration that has supposedly been “five years in the making” and will “redefine the future of gaming”. Entitled “Made to Game”, Nvidia will be demonstrating whatever it is on the 3rd March of this year.

A number of rumours going around as to what it might be. So instead, I decided to dig into Nvidia’s recent trademark listings. I found that they’d recently applied for the MADE TO GAME trademark in August of last year, which was approved on the 5th Feb. The trademark application covers a number of associated goods/services: you can find the full listing here, but it does point towards what appears to be an Nvidia-based ecosystem of gaming-related products and services that interact with one another in a highly integrated fashion. For example, “streaming of games” is highlighted as one of the goods/services to be associated with the “MADE TO GAME” trademark.


We’ll update as more information becomes available.

Trademark source: Wysk

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