But proceed with caution, fellow Just Cause junkie: this is a “reveal trailer” in every sense of the term. It shows VERY LITTE. What it does show is of dubious nature in that it’s not really clear if this is pre-rendered stuff, or some mind-blowing, super-next-gen engine of godlike graphical fidelity. It’s likely the former, but my irrepressible childlike wonder (read: gullibility) has me hoping for the latter.

Check it out for yourself; you’ll find it in all its fiery, explosive, Michael-Bay-channelling glory after the jump. Rico looks angry; a little too angry for a bloke who gets to zip around in a wing suit while blowing shit up. I guess some people are just never happy.

And if you’re curious, the track playing in the trailer is a cover of Prodigy’s “Firestarter”. It’s done by Torre Florim of the band De Staat. His music video is here, and the original Prodigy track is here. Hello nineties!

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