Somebody modded a selfie stick into Doom, and it’s wonderful


Doom mods are nothing new; they’ve been around for almost as long as the game has. All of them are now irrelevant, because somebody called Linguica has created one that brings selfies to id Software’s seminal franchise. So now, instead of breaking out a BFG 9000 or the chainsaw, you can whip out a selfie stick to snap a tasteful image of Doom Guy and the room full of hellspawn carnage that lies in his wake. Don’t forget that filter; we hear “1977” works particularly well.

If Doom selfies are ridiculous enough to make you stop and think, “you know, I actually do need this in my life,” then head over here to grab the WAD file you’ll need to get the whole thing running. Then get ready to snap a bajillion pictures while you scrape Cacodemon pus off your boots.

Source: Doom World
Via: The Verge