Watch this: developer diary for the Homeworld Remastered Collection


The Homeworld Remastered Collection lands on PCs in less than 10 days. That means Gearbox has less than 10 days to woo you into wanting (no, needing) to buy a copy of the game. To start that whole process off, Gearbox and their busy little team of Homeworld remasterers (I’m pretty sure that word doesn’t exist, but I’ll let it slide) have released a developer diary in which a bunch of people tied to the original game get to gush about how great that original game was/is.

They’re correct in their gushing: Homeworld really is all that and a bag of space potato chips. If you haven’t played the originals but have a penchant for real-time strategy games, then golly gee whizz but you are in for a treat my somewhat-late-to-the-party gaming friend. A veritable treat.

After the jump you can find the first episode (expect more as launch day approaches) of the Homeworld Remastered Collection dev diaries. Smile and wave at all the Blackbird Interactive people and let me know if you spot any Homeworld: Shipbreakers concept art in their gratuitous office shots. Now that’s a game I’m counting the days until; no idea how many days I’ll be counting because there’s no release date, but I’m counting nonetheless.