Hotline Miami 2 delves into its backstory with digital comics


Hotline Miami, with its psychedelic ’80s aesthetic and grind-house flair, left quite a mark on players despite being a hot mess of top-down pixels beating red pixels out of moving pixels until the moving pixels stopped.

Hotline Miami‘s story, however, was deliberately vague, leaving a lot of conjecture as to just what was really going on. Who were these animal-masked relayers of death? What’s the Biker’s deal? Why is the hospital level the worst?

As such, Devolver Digital have started releasing a series of black and white digital comics that gouge into the cold entrails of Hotline Miami’s backstory while revealing small tidbits about the factions in the upcoming sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

The first two issues are free via a custom comic reader app on the Steam store page — with more to be made available as the year wears on — so check it out. I’ve not read it yet myself, so a possible NSFW may apply.

Source: Gamasutra