Intel Skylake now landing in late August 2015


If there was ever a launch that I’ve been anticipating more than anything, it probably is Intel’s Skylake launch coming late this year. There’s been so much noise made about Skylake that even the official channels get muddied with rumors every now and then. While we know little about the actual chips and whether or not the whole thing will be socketed, we do have a launch period to go on.

According to press documents leaked by VR Zone China, Intel is planning to launch Skylake to the public between August and October 2015. While that is a three month period, Skylake is a complete overhaul of every single market Intel competes in – mobile, desktop, all-in-one, networking, graphics and video. Setting aside three months of the year for a complete rollout seems sensible as well, giving Intel time to tweak production and launch a refresh lineup around Computex 2016.

intel skylake announcement

It looks like Intel is also readying the entire gamut of its Skylake lineup for this period, with 95W TDP K-series processors along with various 65W and 35W chips as well, which would mean regular Core i5 and Core i3 processors that most people will be able to afford. The 95W TDP of the K-series chips is higher than the current Haswell generation, which means that there’s more logic on the CPU die that puts out more heat.

The weird numbers, “4+2” and “2+2” probably indicate that there will be SKUs within those product releases that may feature Intel’s highest-end graphics configuration for that price point. “4+2” probably means that there will be K-series chips with Intel’s Iris Pro HD5200 graphics (also known as GT2), while “2+2” likely means that there will be one 65W Core i5 and one 35W Core i3 that will also feature GT2 graphics.

Given Intel’s success with Iris Pro as an alternative to on-die GPUs from AMD, often whalloping cheap discrete solutions from Nvidia as well, this means they’re going to be pushing harder to get traction with Iris and turn it into an on-board graphics solution that people actually enjoy using.

Source: VR-Zone China