Strafe just got funded so here’s another ridiculous trailer


That is a header image of a ninja fly-kicking a stack of money. So I guess that’s as good as the Internet is going to get today; may as well unplug and go play some games.

Strafe, that game we chatted about a few weeks back, has managed to hit its Kickstarter goal of $185, 096. The campaign with the most specific goal amount we’ve seen so far, ended up pulling in $204 747.

To celebrate their success and the impending release of Strafe, the team put together another crazy trailer, advert, video… thing. It’s not as hilarious as the original trailer, but it has that money-kicking ninja so that’s got to count for something.

Now that the project is funded the team is turning their attention to stretch goals. Seeing as their Kickstarter has mere hours left on it (at time of writing there are just six hours left), indie team Pixel Titans has set up a PayPal account for continued pledges. You can find that on their official website.

Insofar as stretch goals go, they’re aiming to add co-op multiplayer and mod support if they hit $250k and $325k respectively.

Source: Kickstarter