Report: Rock Band is coming back for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


According to a report over on Bloomberg, Harmonix is poised to bring the Rock Band IP to the new generation of console hardware. Information, at present, is extremely thin and there’s a probability that this could all be a load of bollocks, but for those of you pining for the days of plastic instruments and loud music, any reports of a Rock Band revival is reason to get a little amped. See what I did there? Never mind.

Bloomberg is citing “a person familiar with the plan”, which isn’t exactly a rock-solid source but it’s all we’ve got to go on at present. This alleged new version of Rock Band (if it’s even called that) will be for PS4 and XBO.

While Bloomberg’s source isn’t too great, recent occurrences lend credence to the report. A few weeks ago, Harmonix polled a number of people regarding the revival of the Rock Band franchise. Questions such as how important instrument backwards compatibility would be made up the bulk of the poll. Then, after nearly a two year hiatus, Harmonix started adding new DLC to the Rock Band store. Songs such as Tenacious D’s “Rize of the Fenix”; hopefully that fenix imagery will continue and the Rock Band IP will indeed rise from the ashes. Because I miss plastic instruments.

Source: Bloomberg

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