This new Killing Floor 2 trailer is a mini-movie and prequel

This is just the most ridiculous screenshot in the world, isn't it?

Killing Floor is a cult classic amongst cooperative FPSes and it retains a strong following despite its age. Later this year we’ll be treated to its sequel, which promises more gore, more weapons, more enemies and… well, just the proverbial more.

To whet our appetites, the latest trailer for the game is a ten-minute mini-movie for the upcoming PS4 release which serves as a prequel for the original game and delves a bit into the game’s backstory. Though Killing Floor 2 is going to be set in France, the trailer shows the original Horzine facility in the UK, which the developers hint will make a cameo in the upcoming game.

The trailer itself has a wonderfully low-budget aesthetic and takes more than a few obvious inspirations from flicks such as Resident Evil and 28 Days Later. Check it out after the break.