WIN: one of two cool tabletop games


Hey you! You look like you know how to host a wild tabletop party. I’ll bet you’ve got more board games in your life than you know what to do with. People probably travel from far and wide to witness your impressive collection of dice, tokens, figures and cards, and when you walk down to your nearest grocery store, people stop and point, excitedly whispering, “There goes The Tablemeister! Look at that confidence! Feel that charisma!”

Wait, what’s that? I’ve got it all wrong? Your tabletop game collection is practically nonexistent? Well, allow us to help you with that. After all, everyone’s got to start somewhere.

Hot on the heels of our very first community column (which is all tabletop games, all day), we’ve got our hands on two lovely tabletop games to offer two lucky readers the chance to win. This competition is kindly sponsored by, and the two games up for grabs are Bananagrams and Star Realms (which includes the base starter pack and four expansion packs). The former is valued at R199, while Star Realms is R199 for the starter pack and R69 per expansion.

If you’d like the chance to win yourself some awesome Free Stuff, leave a comment below.