So uhh, Valve just casually announced they have a Steam VR unit heading to GDC


Look at Valve being all nonchalant and casual in their announcement that they’re totally making their own virtual reality headset. Yep, just like Oculus and their Rift, and Sony with their Project Morpheus, Valve is jumping headfirst into the VR swimming pool.

On 04 March to 06 March, GDC 2015 kicks off in San Francisco. It’ll be there that Valve will unveil their new hardware offering, which is officially called SteamVR. Alongside the SteamVR headset, Valve will show off the final version of the Steam Controller and make some further announcements regarding the now delayed Steam Machines.

In addition to this really low-key announcement, Valve has put out the call for VR developers to join them as they help usher in the new age of virtual reality gaming, which will inevitably consume the masses, causing world economies to collapse because nobody wants to stop playing VR Flappy Bird. The apocalypse will be brought on thanks to a hopeless virtual reality addiction, but at least nobody will get bummed out by all the dust and decay, because we’ll all have pretty VR images being beamed right into our brains. Forever. Or until we die of starvation at least.

Source: Steam