Indiegogo project aims to fully recreate the Titanic’s voyage


Independent group Four Funnels Entertainment has launched an excellent Indiegogo campaign as they attempt to fund their massively ambitious attempt to recreate the historical disaster of the Titanic. While there are other video games that have previously tried to bring the catastrophe to life, none can match Titanic: Honor and Glory in terms of its scope and intended realism. The developers are aiming for a recreation of the entire Titanic in full detail and authenticity – including the voyage and sinking – and players will be able to explore the infamous ocean liner in real time.

Multiple historians, authors and Titanic wreck divers have been lending their services to the project and with two different games modes planned it looks hugely promising, even at this early stage. There are a number of other details to discuss, so hit the jump to find out more.

The first of the two planned game modes is a story-driven adventure where players assume the role of the fictitious Robert Morgan, a man framed for horrible crimes who is desperately seeking to clear his name. Morgan finds out that the real culprit has gained passage aboard the Titanic‘s maiden voyage and needs to find some way to follow him. From the game’s beginning in Southampton right up until the impact with the iceberg and its aftermath, players will have a number of different choices and paths to follow as they attempt to get onto the ship, solve the mystery of their framing and, hopefully, survive.


That sounds fairly intriguing to me, but if for some reason the story mode does not pique your interest there will also be a “free roam” game mode which allows players to explore all of the game’s historical locations and events at their own leisure. Imagine being able to experience the moment of impact with the iceberg from multiple perspectives, or even simply moving around the Titanic and investigating all of its many rooms and decks. If Four Funnels Entertainment manages to get sufficient funding and actually deliver on these ambitious promises, I can see myself spending many hours in this particular mode.

The developers are placing particular focus on authenticity and, while characters such as Morgan and the villains he faces are fictitious, they are aiming to include as many passengers based on real people as they can. “The number of real-life Titanic passengers and crew in the game who you can talk to, interact with, and even ‘stalk’ during the sinking to watch their real-life actions is around 200. However, this number may increase or decrease as final production decisions are made, based on how successful our campaign is.”

As if playing through all five days of the voyage talking to passengers, gathering clues, and unraveling a grand mystery wasn’t enough, the team have also set up a particularly intriguing perk for those willing to donate an extremely large amount. That is, if you donate $1,250 (yes, $1,250) to the project not only will you receive all of the other, “smaller” perks listed on their page but they will also incorporate your likeness as a non-playable character in the game. So, if you’re feeling particularly generous and have always wondered how you would have reacted during the historical disaster, you can help fund the project and include a 3D version of yourself in the game at the same time.

Given the scope of the project it’s unclear when it will be ready, but backers can reserve a copy of it for $50 now or pay $15 to receive an early demo that lets them scope out limited sections of the ship. For a good look at how Titanic: Honor and Glory is coming along, here are a few minutes of footage illustrating the famous vessel recreated in Unreal Engine 4.


Source: Eurogamer