Local indie game Cadence hits Kickstarter


Local indie duo, Made With Monster Love, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their musical puzzle game, Cadence. Peter Cardwell-Gardner and Rodain Joubert (yep, the same Rodain who writes the game development column in each issue of NAG Magazine, and the same Rodain of Desktop Dungeons fame) have been working on the game for quite some time already, with most of the core mechanics and systems already in place.

The two are looking for a total of £25, 000 in order to finish up development and bring Cadence to iOS, Mac, and Steam. Some of the reward tiers include access to beta builds and a chance to shape the future of Cadence via forums and developer access.

One of the biggest features that Kickstarter will help fund is the ability to create your own music using the game’s interface and level design tools.

In Cadence you’re tasked with building connections between nodes on each level. Once you’ve connected nodes in such a way that it creates an infinite loop, then that set of connections begins to generate music. Through the game’s built-in audio controls, you’ll be able to manipulate the sounds generated by your completed loops, in order to generate your own music.

The minimalist aesthetics kind of remind me of the shapes found in World of Goo, so in a way Cadence could be kind of like an odd mash-up between World of Goo and FL Studio (aka Fruity Loops). Except not at all.

You can check out their Kickstarter pitch below to get a sense of what Made With Monster Love is aiming for. Then, if musical puzzle solving sounds like your kind of bag, head over to the Kickstarter page to get involved. Be sure to follow the team on Twitter, or harass their individual Twitter accounts instead.

Source: Kickstarter