Now there are rumours of a new Guitar Hero for PS4 and XBO


Ooh boy, it’s happening! Well, it might be happening. New rumours have cropped up regarding the revival of the rhythm game genre, but this time it’s Activision’s Guitar Hero franchise that’s making headlines. Yep, Kotaku UK has the skinny from an inside source that tells them Activision is working on a new generation of Guitar Hero and that it will hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This alleged new entry into the series (which was officially killed off by publisher Activision in 2011) will utilise a new set of plastic instruments, which perhaps isn’t too exciting, especially for those who forked out extra cash to pick up third-party controllers such as Logitech’s full-scale guitars. What’s more, the new game will take on a more realistic aesthetic, forsaking the previous cartoonish atmosphere for something a little more grounded in reality.

According to the inside sources, Activision will unveil the game at this year’s E3 with a release date pegged for the end of the year. With earlier rumours regarding the revival of Harmonix’s Rock Band series, it looks like the rhythm genre IP rivalry might be poised for a comeback.

Source: Kotaku UK