Would you like a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer? OK, here you go!


Holy cow but did this trailer leave me with some serious goose bumps. Not only does it have a boatload of villains popping up to say hi, but it also has a puzzle hidden deep within its multitude of frames, just waiting for eagle-eyed people to spot and solve. Good luck though, because there are three clues and they are literally hidded in single frames.

Anyway, if you couldn’t be bothered to spend the whole time looking for clues, and you want to ruin all that detective fun for yourself, you can head over here to this Reddit post, where people who are way, way smarter than me have managed to do a good job in cracking the hidden messages.

Of course, odds are you came here to ogle the new trailer, not solve silly puzzle. Good news: watching the trailer requires very little effort aside from hitting that big red “READ MORE” button you see just below.