Twitch Plays Halo and it’s as awful as you imagine


Twitch has facilitated a number of interesting experiments, largely involving Pocket Monsters and fish, which removes player agency and instead hands the reigns to the will of the Internet. It was, I suppose, only a matter of time before other games got into the act.

TwitchPlaysHalo takes the original Halo: Combat Evolved and allows it to play it via the channel’s chat, parsing text commands into in-game actions. What it really is a simulation of a person whose last interaction with video games was probably playing Tennis for Two while trying to distract themselves from the Cold War. It invokes a very specific experiential horror familiar to any gamer who has friends or acquaintances who, bless their sweet but inagile hands, just don’t get it; you want to take hold of the controller but no. What do you think I am, stupid? I can play this, I can. Right. Now… what does this button do again?

You can watch it for yourself below. Just have your fingers ready on ALT+F4 when your nervous tic kicks in.

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Source: Polygon