Win: movies and TV shows to keep your eyes occupied


It’s Monday, which means you’re likely on the hunt for something, ANYTHING that’ll make getting through this day more bearable. We’d offer you an uplifting trip to space, but we left our only spaceship in our other pants. Sorry.

Still, there are other ways to make this Monday less… Monday-ish. Follow us below if Free Things are exactly what you need right now.

We’ve got our hands on another selection of DVDs to add to your ever-growing collection. This bundle includes the film Robosapien: Rebooted, as well as the entire first season of the TV show Extant, which stars Halle Berry. There’s also Deep Breath, which is the first episode of Doctor Who‘s eighth iteration.

If you’d like to be the lucky winner of this assortment of visual goodies, leave a comment below. First, have a look at some trailers:

All your favourite classic British content may soon be available… in the UK