Giblets: Microsoft wants PC gamers to love them again

Every year, and usually at the beginning of the year, Microsoft issues an apology to PC gamers, asks for forgiveness and pledges to do something about treating PC gamers as second-class citizens in contrast with how they value the Xbox brand. Speaking at GDC 2015, Phil Spencer said that the company had lost their way with PC Gamers and asked the gaming industry to give them a chance to prove themselves worth of being the custodians of PC gaming (cough*Games for Windows Live*cough). Spencer announced that game developers will soon be getting access to a toolkit that allows for Xbox Live integration into Windows 10 games, which really means that games found on the Windows Store will enjoy this treatment, not any other titles that Microsoft might end up publishing in the future.

“Xbox no longer means just consoles,” said Spencer. “It means gaming with Microsoft.”

Source: Business Insider