Is this the best fluke shot in multiplayer gaming history?


Halo player who goes by the name of “Lawrencce 1” on YouTube has uploaded a sniper rifle kill that might just be the best fluke-shot kill in video gaming history. There have been hundreds of impressive kills over the years, parituclaly in games like the Battlefield series, but this is without a doubt one of if not the best fluke-shots in existence.

Lawrencce uses an unscoped sniper rifle to take a quick shot at an opponent. The rifle’s bullet ricochets off not one, not two, but three surfaces before miraculously hitting a target. “I got the kill and initially thought that it was nothing more than a decent no-scope,” Lawrencce writes in the YouTube description, “but when I later reviewed the footage in theatre mode, it turns out that the bullet ricocheted THREE times before landing in the head of the opposition player.”

Check it out after the jump, and while we’re ogling amazing kills, leave some of your favourite shots in the comments section below. If they’re shots that you’ve pulled off, well, then, we’ll give you extra high-fives.

Via: Kotaku