Deadbolt is the gritty followup to Risk of Rain


The developer of Risk of Rain, one of my favourite games of 2013, is working on a new title. A gritty supernatural drug thriller, Deadbolt follows a skull-masked protagonist dealing with criminal gangs of the undead and macabre dealing in Ash, a drug that’s harvested from the skulls of the dead.

While the game has been development since January, a Russian Let’s Player apparently revealed a link to what was supposed to be a restricted playtest to a small group. In response, developer has opened up the alpha to anyone who wants to give it a go and provide feedback: you can find the alpha here.

The game comes across as a mix between Hotline Miami‘s hyperviolence, speed and sometimes puzzle-like approach to murder with Gunpoint‘s side-scrolling aesthetic and need to cleverly traverse buildings filled with enemies. Deadbolt allows the player to switch between weapons and interact with the environment – for example, you can open a fridge to provide cover, shoot out lights and traverse ducts as a whiff of supernatural smoke. The game is, like Risk of Rain, incredibly hard – it takes one hit to kill you and you’ll regularly find yourself miscounting ammo or mistiming an entrance.

You can follow Deadbolt’s development here and at TIGSource here.