New features coming to Dying Light via free content patch




Techland’s open-world-zombie-parkour-splatathon has done really well in reviews. General consensus is that it’s fun! And terrifying when the sun goes down! But still fun! That’s reason enough to check it out if you haven’t already, but if you’re still on the fence, then know that Techland is planning to add stuff to the game… but that stuff is free.

What?! Free stuff for a game that’s considered AAA? What is going on? Where’s the DLC? Why aren’t we paying?

Well, there’s still DLC, which also hits this week: you can pick up the “Ultimate Survivor Bundle” which packs together new weapons and outfits for about R60.00 ($4.99). But DLC is boring; what’s the free stuff? Oddly enough, the free stuff is better than the DLC. Hooray!

Techland is adding a new Hard difficulty mode that removes a bunch of hand-holding game features and makes night times last for twice as long. You’ll be able to switch between difficulty settings at any point in your game, so that’s neat if you hit a particularly challenging bit.

In addition to a new difficulty setting, Techland has added a new Gold Tier of weapons. These are the super-rare items that’ll have you bashing zombie skulls in with like it’s nobody’s business. Other new weapons are also being added, which means the content update will add a further 50 weapons and items to the game. Neat!

Finally, there are some new outfits to unlock once you finish the game’s campaign in either Normal mode or the new Hard mode.

This content update lands today for PC and Xbox One players. Those of you on PlayStation 4 will need to wait until 14 March for the patch to go live. You can check out a brief introductory video by Techland below:

Via: Polygon