Giblets: It turns out that Broadwell will be coming to the desktop market after all

While I missed the initial reveal, it turns out that Intel was at GDC 2015 with a very nondescript demo showing off the performance of their integrated graphics. But it wasn’t in a minute chassis, it was a ATX desktop case that housed a Z97-based motherboard with a socketed 65W Intel Core i7 Broadwell processor with Iris Pro 6200 graphics. That’s quite a turnaround from Intel’s previous roadmaps where they didn’t show off a launch for Broadwell this year at all. It may be the case that the launch will be understated, but some motherboard manufacturers have announced that they will be adding in BIOS support for these new chips in the coming weeks. Does this mean a launch for desktop Broadwell in April 2015? I certainly hope so. Should anyone drop their plans to upgrade to Skylake and move to this instead? I don’t think so.

Source: Anandtech