Next Playstation 4 update brings Suspend/Resume for all games

PS4 Launch

Its been a long time coming, but Sony’s next firmware update to the Playstation 4, version 2.50, is going to bring several new features to the PS4, some of which have been promised long ago before launch and some which will be complete surprises. Sony isn’t saying when Firmware Update 2.50 will be ready to download and install, but they have told gamers to keep an eye out in the future for more news on the update, which bears the codename “Yukimura” in the coming weeks.

New features in Firmware Update 2.50

  • Sub-account to master account upgrade – When your kids turn 18, their account will be automatically upgraded to a master account, giving them more freedom on the Playstation Store and allowing them to add funds into their wallets. The only way to do this currently is manually, through a site that Sony set up after thousands of users petitioned to Sony to have this as an option.
  • Facebook friend search – Do you still use Facebook? Well now you can search through your friends list and add them to your PSN friends list. Yay! Now there’s no escaping anyone.
  • Remote Play and Share Play now runs at 60fps – This feature is highly dependent on the bandwidth available on your internet connection, particularly your upload speed. If you have an upload speed of 5Mb/s or more, then you should be able to stream to another friend making use of Remote Play or Share Play at 60fps. It is possible that this could be extended to Twitch broadcasting later on.
  • New accessibility options – For those of you who struggle already with the UI and accessing games and features on the PS4 because of physical disabilities, rejoice! The PS4 will now support accessibility options like text-to-speech, enlarged and/or bolder fonts, a high-contrast option, zoom for homing in on little details on your display, invert colours and button reassignment for users who can’t use all of the Dualshock 4’s controls properly.
  • Trophy improvements – If you achieve a trophy, a screenshot is now automatically taken of the event so that you can share it later with the world. It can be turned off. Also, to reduce the sync time for trophies, games that you own or have installed, but not played, will not be synced and will not be displayed in the trophy list.
  • Sharing video to Dailymotion – Self-explanatory, really. It might be worth your while to disable any in-game music before making a video public on the service, as Dailymotion is another new entrant in the group of video hosting companies which have been made to comply with record and movie production companies to not allow any content with copyright material that the user doesn’t own.
  • Suspend and Resume – You can suspend and resume games that support this service. If you’re taking a break from playing, you can press the Home button to switch out of the game and press it again to send the PS4 into a resting state, allowing it to charge your controller/s and do any remaining updates while you do your own thing. While this feature will work with any game, some titles may need updates to be able to take advantage of this.

A lot of the features here are ones that I’ve been wanting for some time, and having Suspend and Resume finally is awesome – it was one of Sony’s biggest marketing drives for the PS4 and many people were disappointed that it wasn’t working on launch, while the Xbox One had support for it for every title from day one. Now I’m wondering when DLNA compability will arrive, as many a PS4 owner has kept their PS3 in service because it supports streaming from a local server for music and media, while one has to jump through several hoops on the PS4 to get things working.

Source: Playstation Blog