TSI launches Seven Dragon Saga Kickstarter


I highlighted the formation of Tactical Simulations Interactive (TSI) a couple of a months ago, a company made of the old guard from the Gold Box and SSI RPGs. With games like Pool of Radiance and Eye of the Beholder to their name, details at the time were vague, but the company’s now revealed their hand with the launch of a Kickstarter for Seven Dragon Saga, which has already been in production for a couple of months

Seven Dragon Saga promises a return to RPGs that allowed for a massive, completely customised party of characters in a manner similar to Dark Sun: Shattered Lands and Icewind Dale. Set in the empire of the Seven Dragons, players control the Touched — chosen elites of the emperor — as they investigate rumblings of a civil war in the minor kingdom of Afelon. In a rather awkward video, TSI explains some of the expected combat mechanics and character customisation options, which includes creating a unique past for characters in a manner similar to Arcanum: Of Steamwork and Magicks Obscura.

Seven Dragon Saga has a tough time ahead of it, I suspect: with a goal of $450,000, the pitch is a little unpolished, the minimum entry is $25 and it’s playing on nostalgia from twenty years ago to an audience that may have never experienced any of their previous titles. However, in a environment of overhyped and super-sleek Kickstarter projects, it’s somewhat refreshing to see something so off-the-cuff.

You can check the Kickstarter here.