Zenimax Online Studios is relaunching The Elder Scrolls Online. The MMORPG didn’t exactly do that well insofar as critical reception went, but that didn’t stop over 700, 000 people from subscribing to the game by June 2014. As of tomorrow, however, things are changing with the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

For a start, the game no longer requires a subscription fee, and those wanting to get involved will need to make a once-off purchase for a copy of the game. It’s a similar MMORPG model to what ArenaNet does with Guild Wars 2.

Aside from a massive change in monetization approaches, Tamriel Unlimited brings with it a huge amount of extra content, tweaks, and adjustments. For a start, character customisation (which is already one of the game’s shining achievements) gets a boost thanks to a new dye system. Character and enemy animations have also been improved. The Crown Store offers further cosmetic and “convenience items” for you to purchase, which is probably where further monetization will come in.

It’s one thing reading about all the additions and changes, but it’s another thing to see them. So hit the jump for a launch trailer.

As for the console release of Tamriel Unlimited, there’s still quite a wait: 09 June. For those of you on PC, you’ll be playing the new content tomorrow, 17 March.

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