Endless Legend was one of the sleeper hits of 2014, a stellar turn-based strategy game that managed to balance great asymmetrical gameplay with varied narratives and races in a way not achieved since Alpha Centauri. But its success can also be attributed in part to Amplitude Studio’s dedication to providing great service and ongoing content to their community (sounds familiar?) and have recently released the third free content pack, Eye on the Stars.

Eye on the Stars takes Endless Legend back to its rootsintroducing a cornucopia of additions including improved modding support, increased map generation options, new diplomatic avenues, a new minor faction in the  and opening a new victory path that allows the residents of Auriga to leave the planet and take their first hesitant steps into space, foreshadowing the rise of the mighty races prolific in the spiritual sequel, Endless Space.


Oh, and the first official expansion, the Guardians, will be out in April for about R100. This is how you engage with your customers, publishers; take notes.

Source: Amplitude Studios

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