Giblets: Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 980 Ti is not far off from the Titan X

Nvidia’s Geforce GTX Titan X (an analysis of which is in the pipeline) was recently revealed and launched in this past month, but the company still has a whole year to bring in new products based on Maxwell. According to a recent report on Sweclockers, Nvidia is now readying the Geforce GTX 980 Ti, but it won’t be that different from the Titan X. According to slides they have in their possession, Sweclockers has speculated that the GTX 980 Ti will have a 6GB frame buffer, with base and boost clocks lowered to drop performance down a little bit. There’s no question that Nvidia fans will be eager to snap one of these puppies up, but is this any help to the Titan brand? Will it ship with a tacky cooler? Well have to wait about a month to find out, I suppose.