NAG HQ Podcast: episode 1

In the first official episode of the NAG HQ Podcast we discuss zombie cod and their potentially devastating effect on Earth’s oceans and beyond, examine the remastering of odd-worlds and home-worlds, muse on the merits of magazine redesigns and apologise profusely for poster-related shenanigans. It features the voice talents of Geoff Burrows (editor), Michael James (publisher), Chris Savides (art director), and Dane Remendes (staff writer and online editor), and sports the musical companionship of the excellent Bastion soundtrack.

This episode was actually recorded on Monday, so we apologise in advance if we all sound a little Monday-ish. We’re obviously still working out the kinks, and if you hear a slight high-pitched whine in the background, we’ll deny everything. As always, let us know what you think!